A product is like a painting of art.Brushes, pigments, paper and other materials to present the best results.Clothing accessories can be defined as the materials needed for the creation of a painting.They are small but important.At the same time, it also determines the overall effect and final texture of the work.

Accessories exist as a supporting role in clothing, but their types are far more than the categories of clothing. Accessories such as decoration, processing, comfort and shape preservation have a direct impact on the performance and sales of clothing, and it is also a very important expression of the brand to the outside world.Take the familiar zipper as an example, although it only opens and closes in daily life, its functionality, durability, decoration, structure and model should be studied one by one.Accessories as "humble" small things are necessary to show to consumers, the second purpose is to brand more down-to-earth, long-term development, do not ignore any details of creation. 
YKK is the model of zipper industry, representing the industry standard, using Japanese precise process, raw materials and management methods.The gold copper salad head and silver chain teeth that we customized to YKK will continue in the future products. Silver industry and golden brilliance are the original intention.

The zipper matches the color of the product style


Custom mesh clasp, left side is naturally corroded


Made in accordance with the product in the old style of natural grain wood clasp


Customized stretch print drawstring


In order to achieve better tonality unity or better ancillary products, OSCILL used accessories for most of the leading domestic and foreign brand suppliers customized accessories.

American fastener brand DURAFLEX company
Customized brand tone "China red" button
And the future product models will gradually increase

Customized leather labels for future use on the brand's shirts, coats and accessories


Order from the top three buttons production companies in the country.
Metal buttons, mesh holes and denim nails engraved with the brand logo


All series of products woven label and auxiliary material label. All are made with brand identity colors
March 12, 2021 — XuHao

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