Brand Establishment

Founded in 2013, REINDEE LUSION is a fashion clothing brand from Guangzhou. Designer Gary Kwong met with Bosco during an activity in university. Because of having familiar value and spiritual pursuit, they established their independent brand. It aimed to make tracing image substantialised, and make the function clothes for “Urbanite”.


Brand Position

After 7 years‘ experiences, RL persists functional and practical performance as the labels of Performance apparel. Then, considering comfortable sensation for wearers firstly is the original intention. Also, in order to uncover the property of clothing, we use diversity of apparel design symbols and promote function technology. Then, using simple deconstruction design and the idea of “Xing Gong Bing Xing” to display product’s concept, are for wearers to be unlimited with lifestyle from varied environment; and redefined “function” concisely.


Brand Evolution

In 2013, the reflection of first array of REINDEE LUSION from market was unsatisfactory. However, we did not affect by failure, and learn from the start, which is brand building, team running, and communication with factory. Because of it, we got the answer from analyse and summary.

After 1 year, inspired by architectural structure, we tried to make elements of “Line Structure”and “Stereo Stack” into design, and kept these ideas until now. “Urban Function” as core direction, RL used the themes like “CUBISM” “RESTRUCTURING” “URBANITE” for past array to describe architectural structure specifically; and built a special design thinking; to transmit the ideas of “Xing Gong Bing Xing” and “City Walker”.

Products carried the thought of designers. From the point of view, there are unlimited possibilities on art level in clothing design as well as architectural design: focusing on real demand; enriching functional design content which could be found in daily life.

2020 is the 8th year from RL‘s establishment. During these 8 years, our team continued innovating and exploring from urban system and lifestyle. After REINDEELUSION.COM opened, we started a new stage which set foot in illustration, sci-fi elements and sporting goods; also cooperate with cross-border industries. We aim to transmit powerful visual effect based on architectural space and graphic design. Lastly, within possibilities of REINDEE LUSION in future, let’s expect together.

February 12, 2021 — XuHao

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