With the core concept of simplicity and comfort, DAKYAM transforms trend elements into details. The dotted means integrates bright colors into the design without any abruptness. It advocates the concept of suitable matching clothing and pays attention to using its own clothing style to present the right With a unique understanding. DAKYAM was established in November 2006. The first quarter series of products were officially released in 2009. On the road of brand building, we insist on learning and delving into the understanding of clothing, and looking for the right direction of the brand and gradually stepping out of the prototype, creating a more mature and simple brand style. With the concept of simplicity and comfort as the core, the trend elements are transformed into details, and bright colors are incorporated into the design without any abruptness by means of spotting. The concept of clothing that is suitable for matching is advocated. Unique understanding. Clean, comfortable and quiet are the most suitable keywords for the brand given by the public.

In the wave of changes of the times, under the continuous influence of various trends, being able to maintain oneself willfully and still be favored is the most powerful affirmation of the brand by the public. With age, the design gradually tends to mature and gradually integrate into various styles, such as retro, military, hunting, etc., but never leave the simplicity, because that is the gradual or end of the style, and also the original intention.