Li-Ning Yushuai 16

By Li-Ning


Yushuai 16-South Beach lightweight high-rebound basketball professional shoes, using simple color matching, simple and casual. Inspired by the basketball culture of the city of Miami, it is also the team played by the basketball star Butler signed by Li Ning, symbolizing the glory brought to the city and the color matching culture of the south coast.
Li Ning Boom Technology
Li Ning Boom Technology is an innovative midsole material independently developed by Li Ning. It is prepared through a supercritical fluid foaming process. Compared with traditional materials, it greatly reduces the weight of the midsole and significantly improves the resilience performance. With a longer service life, the product functionality is greatly improved. At the same time, through more targeted adjustments, it can adapt to the competitive needs of different sports such as running, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc., and provide good performance blessings for athletes in each event.
composite three-dimensional TPU bracket system and shock absorption material and rebound material can meet the different functions of heel stability control, midfoot force transmission and support, forefoot and side support and stability, and integrate the whole shoe. It runs through as a whole synchronized movement system.
PROBAR LOC is a stabilizing device embedded in the midsole arch to connect the forefoot and heel, so that the arch can be properly supported and protected in every step of the movement and improve stability.
Upper: Textile+TPU+Synthetic Leather  Sole: Rubber