LI-NING Badfive 3


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Li-Ning BADFIVE 3 lightweight high-rebound mid-top basketball outfield shoes, using simple color matching, simple and casual. The upper is made of comfortable material, comfortable and soft, providing a good foot feeling. The Li-Ning logo on the body of the shoe is meticulously crafted, highlighting the charm of the brand. The anti-collision design of the toe cap reduces scratches or collisions on the toes and takes care of every step.

Li-Ning BOOM Technology
Li Ning BOOM Technology is an innovative midsole material independently developed by Li Ning. It is prepared through a supercritical fluid foaming process. Compared with traditional materials, it greatly reduces the weight of the midsole and significantly improves resilience performance. With a longer service life, the product functionality is greatly improved. At the same time, through more targeted adjustments, it can adapt to the competitive needs of different sports such as running, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc., and provide good performance blessings for athletes in each event.

PROBAR LOC is a stabilizing device embedded in the arch of the midsole and connected to the forefoot and heel, which can make the arch of the foot properly supported and protected in every step of exercise, and improve stability.

COOL SHELL is a technology that solves the temperature rise of the feet during sports. The breathable cooling system is composed of the tongue, shoe body and sole 360 ​​breathable structure to provide cooling effect.

Li-Ning BOOM FIBER Technology
BOOM FIBER is a new type of thermoplastic elastomer. Through the latest spinning technology, it can be prepared into a new "boom fiber". Its flexibility and elasticity are better than ordinary fibers. And it feels very comfortable. Combining "Wusi" with advanced weaving technology, you can get a lightweight, breathable and comfortable upper that is not easy to deform and has a longer service life.

TUFF OS is a more wear-resistant rubber material, which can improve the wear resistance of the sole and prolong the service life of the shoe. It is often used in professional tennis shoes that require high wear resistance.

√ Uppertextile + TPU + synthetic leather √ Solerubber √ Neat stitching, highlighting the sense of quality